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House Passes More Spending, Debt Limit Removal Bill

In an act of incredible irresponsibility the House yesterday passed spending legislation. It is supported by the President. If it clears the Senate as is, it will do four things. Federal spending will increase. The deficit will grow. Debt will increase. The limit on federal borrowing authority will be eliminated for two years. The 284-149 vote was bipartisan.

The spending…

The bill allows the District of Columbia to spend $2.75 trillion over the next two years. The money will go to sundry federal programs. It removes the debt limit through July 2021. This is a political move by both parties to take fiscal responsibility out of the election. Don’t we want our representatives to be fiscally responsible?

Trump tweeted, “House Republicans should support the TWO YEAR BUDGET AGREEMENT which greatly helps our Military and our Vets,”

The Senate will act on the measure…

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has said he would bring it to a Senate vote next week. That assumed House passage of the budget bill. Well, this is not a budget anything. This is a spending authorization accompanied with lifting of the debt ceiling. There is a difference.

It is impossible to be conservatives and support this irresponsible bill. The Republican Study Committee rejected the plan, calling it “reckless.” When Trump ran for president, he said he would pay off the nation’s debt in about eight years. But so far, it has increased by $2.5 trillion; now standing at $22.5 trillion.

How out of control is this?

This spending authorization embraces even bigger annual deficits and higher debt. Next year the federal government will spend more on interest on the debt than programs for children. Which do we care more about? We are approaching the point where interest payments will exceed defense spending.


Late last year the federal government went through a record length partial shutdown. It continued into this year. The impasse came when Trump insisted on southern border wall funding. Democrats agree there is a problem. That has not however, stopped them from blocking wall funding.

They are also blocking funding for adequate detention facilities. Moreover they refuse to fund additional process capacity to handle immigrant flow. They created the problem Trump inherited. The Democrats just want to bitch about it. There is no intention on their part to actually address the need.


This politically motivated bill is irresponsible.  The House yesterday passed spending authorization. It has abandoned any pretense at budgeting. The House refuses to set priorities. It refuses to address Social Security. The bill has presidential support. It will clear the Senate. This is a political measure designed to remove fiscal responsibility from election debate.