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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Will Be Hot. But July,1911 Was Hotter for Longer


The Promise of a heatwave looms for the weekend in New Hampshire. Temperatures in the nineties (maybe even higher). Someone, at least indirectly, will blame you (Climate Change™). But in 1911, before socialist and political scientists concocted that fraud, it was hotter for longer.

ICYMI – July 29th “A Climate Change Debate at the NH Institute of Politics”

From The New England Historical Society.

On July 4, temperatures hit 103 in Portland, 104 in Boston (a record that still stands), 105 in Vernon, Vt., and 106 in Nashua, N.H., and Bangor, Maine. At least 200 died from drowning, trying to cool off in rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean – anything wet. Still more died from heat stroke. The 1911 heat wave was possibly the worst weather disaster in New England’s history, with estimates of the death toll as high as 2,000.

Carts were pulled by horses. Iced and electric fans were extreme luxuries and there was no such thing as air-conditioning. The kind of world in which the Greener Newer Green Dealers want you to live.

It was hot. Damn hot. No relief. People drowned trying to escape the heat in local lakes in rivers. Heat overtook hundreds. A teamster fainted from his horse and was trampled to death by his own horses.

And where was the mythical Angry God CO2? Nowhere to be seen. Certainly not in any meaningful sense. Probably because that trace gas is not a driver of temperature. Not in the second decade of the last century or the two that followed – also very hot decades compared to anything we’re experiencing now.

But it will come up. And when it does, you can point to 1911 in New England and melt a few liberal snowflakes.