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Democrat Sen. Jeff Woodburn’s Trial on Domestic Violence Charges Begins July 31st


Former New Hampshire Democrat State Senator Jeff Woodburn, who faces multiple charges of domestic assault, will face a Jury beginning on July 31st. 

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(NBC 10 Boston) A jury has been selected for the trial of a former New Hampshire state senator who is facing domestic violence charges.

The trial is scheduled July 31 in Coos County Superior Court for Jeff Woodburn, of Whitefield. He pleaded not guilty last year to nine charges, including simple assault, domestic violence and criminal mischief.

Word of Woodburn’s alleged assaults broke during the 2016 election cycle. Our coverage is extensive. And at no point did anyone involved, including his victim (if I’m not mistaken), require “police protection” as a result of our reporting. Democrats must be made of tougher stuff up there in the North Country.

North Country Democrat Elizabeth Ruediger, whom I labeled the Hillary Clinton of the North Country, argued in an email that they are not just more robust, but that violence means you throw things at the people you love.

You should understand misogyny and hot tempers.  I’m Irish…never seen a spat that didn’t involve something being thrown or something damaged.

#metoo may be global, but NH plays according to its own set of rules.

I suspect it involved some drinking too. Talk about irony. Hey, Bartender, #MeToo?

A set of rules that would never apply to someone who is not registered as a Democrat, if history has any lessons to teach. Another one of which was, and this is from my Dad, never hit a woman. 

Jeff Woodburn is accused of ‘hitting’ a woman, and with his own words, along with some pictures and testimony that suggest anger issues and abuse, will need to convince a jury that he’s Irish or something. Possibly 1/1024th? 

Not a likely verdict or one that will get him off the hook for the charges he faces but this is New Hampshire. He might still walk away to run for office again some other day.

The Jury gets to decide.