CNHT Picnic: Steve Negron - Granite Grok

CNHT Picnic: Steve Negron

Steve Negron was the next speaker at the Annual CNHT Picnic held a week ago.  He won the US Congressional Primary for NH’s Second Congressional District back in 2016 – and yes, we at GraniteGrok endorsed him in that race.  Unfortunately, he lost to the incumbent Progressive, Ann Kuster, who spent a big part of her war chest on painting herself as everyone’s grandmaw while the Republicans were slagging each other with only 45% of the vote. This was the bad part.

But he did get 45% of the vote even after starting with almost zero name recognition – that’s not a bad thing for a newcomer to a State wide race.  So he’s looking to build on that; he’s running again.  So, he came to talk to the Conservative activists:

His website is here.