AOC's Tide Pod Squad Isn't Getting More Threats After Trump Remarks - Granite Grok

AOC’s Tide Pod Squad Isn’t Getting More Threats After Trump Remarks


I’ve decided that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Squad’ needed a modifier. Something suited to them and the majority of their fanbase. And what do you know, Tide Pod rhymes with Squad. And oh, by the way, they are not getting more threats contrary to their claims.

“Some of the women lawmakers have voiced concerns of threats in light of the ever-increasing tensions between President Trump and themselves. … Capitol Police confirmed to Fox News that there has not been an increase in threats. In fact, officials imply that the freshmen are not targeted as much as they claim to be, especially compared to others on Capitol Hill.”

 The special snowflakes aren’t that special.

While threats, in general, continue to grow, they include threats to all lawmakers, not just the four attention-grabbing freshmen. In other words, the threats are coming in for lawmakers but it’s not specifically just for the ones now in the spotlight.

Fox News adds that,

The threat assessment regarding members of the squad, who have recently clashed with President Trump, remains low compared to some other lawmakers.

The consensus is that the US House, congress in general, has seen a rise in activity but any narrative that suggests the Tide Pod Squad is getting more because of Donald Trump, is a lie.

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