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Will New Hampshire White Mountains Pride ‘Exclude’ the Jews?

Gay pride flag - star of david

The Dyke March in Washington, DC is an exercise in Inclusive Excellence. It embraced Palestinian lesbians and their flags but prohibited Jewish lesbians because those flags were threatening to the Palestinians.

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No Jewish Pride?

It sounds like an excuse for leftist’s to exclude Jews. But not just Jews. Patriotic lesbians holding American flags with rainbow colors were also excluded. Why? Safe spaces. The sight of these flags will make people uncomfortable. (Is it just me or does it seem insensitive for the organizers to hold an event in Washington DC if American flags trigger people?)

That is inclusive excellence. Using Safe spaces, a term defined by those with power, to the exclusion of whomever or whatever they choose.  And whatever makes you uncomfortable is just your bigotry and racism, get over it.

See how that works? It gets better.

Organizers claimed that you could be a Patriotic lesbian or Jew but if you want to participate you need to “keep that in the closet” to borrow a turn of phrase.

Is it just DC?

This brings me to White Mountains Pride, the New Hampshire North Country’s Gaystapo group. They have a week. That’s why the Conway Pubic Library scheduled two sex performers to work out who they are in front of children. The Library was not proud of who the performers were. Kept it secret. Refused to identify them by full stage name or legal name publicly.

People who wanted to know who these folks are have been called names, threatened, but not by everyone. 

“So, to those who are attacking Conway’s Drag Queen Story Hour, perhaps during White Mountains Pride Week June 23 to 29 talk to a drag queen or king, a gay man, a bisexual, a lesbian, someone gender-fluid or transgender, and really listen to them and hear what they are saying. They are just a person trying to understand their place in this world and that’s something we all have in common.”

Aking questions and disagreeing is “attacking.” Of course, it is. People asking the wrong questions are like neo-Nazis. But the idea of an adult listening to another adult is not the question, here and it never was. We’re talking about an adult ‘working out’ their sexual issues in front of children.

At the Conway Public Library, it’s a hill on which to die. 

They believe that yes, a public library should allow sex performers (while hiding their identities) to read books about sex and gender to children. 

As for whatever events or parades White Mountains Pride has planned, I think some Jewish Lesbians should head to Conway with Star of David Gay Pride Flags and see what happens. Maybe New Hampshire, unlike DC and Chicago, takes pride in having Proud Jews among them.

Maybe not. Tolerance for the left is a one-way street because the goal is not about acceptance; it is about destroying institutions that interfere with or that inhibit the goals of socialsim. Family, Marriage, Morality, Religion. And their traditions.

The Communists were never shy about these objectives. We should not be shy about pointing them out.

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