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She’s Running … For Governor


Actually I beat Boston-Jimbo to the punch:

But the point is this: There is no way that Ray Buckley is going to let a straight, white male -never mind a straight white male who supports an income tax- be his Party’s nominee in 2020.

While Buckley may come across as a deranged, drunken misogynist on twitter (and elsewhere) he is not going to allow another Colin Van Ostern type to jeopardize the current Democrat legislative majorities in 2020 – especially if redistricting the State remains a legislative function.

Dan Feltes -whom I usually refer to as #DishonestDanny and #FlatulentFeltes- is even worse than Van Ostern (#YogurtBoy) in that the Flatulent-One has spent the year championing a payroll tax.

Liddle Andru Volinsky would be an even worse choice for the Socialists -oops, I mean Democrats- as he is a long-time, fierce supporter of an income tax. Even if #VolinskyAgenda were to flip-flop on taxes, do you really think the voters are going to elect a cheap knock-off of Tyrion Lannister as Governor?

No, no, no.

It will be a woman. And not Molly “Taxes” Kelly. A woman without a taxing paper trail, and who would essentially make Ray Buckley the State’s Governor in all but name – Joycie Craig.

If I were advising Victoria Sullivan’s campaign I would be asking Joycie whether she commits to serving a full term.