RACIST! - Granite Grok


So I saw this tweet:

Which led me to check out the op-ed. The phrase “Celebrate Xenophobia” is snark directed at “Celebrate Diversity” based on my read. From the op-ed:

If you “welcome legal immigrants” then you aren’t xenophobic, which is a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

So I tweeted back at young Mr. Gallagher:

Here is young Mr. Gallagher’s response:

Notice what is missing from young Mr. Gallagher’s sophomoric, faux-outrage excuse for a reply? No apology for calling the author of the op-ed a racist before even bothering to read what was actually in the op-ed. No indication that young Mr. Gallagher even bothered to read the op-ed to assess my description of the op-ed.

This is how the Left operates. In this instance, young Mr. Gallagher cannot defend Open Borders and Illegal Immigration, so he attempts to win the debate by ending the debate … by holding his hands over his eyes and shrieking “RACIST!”