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NH’s Gun Control Queen Ignores the Obvious

Yesterday, NH State Rep. Deb Altschiller (D-Stratham) and fellow Leftists were attending the NH Progressive Summit when news about a shooting in a California Costco came out.  The queen of NH gun control quickly took to Twitter to capitalize on the tragic event.

First, how is it possible that a shooting took place in California, the state with the most aggressive gun control laws in the country?  I mean, either the shooter got his gun legally or he acquired it under the table – either way, none of Altschiller’s proposed gun control bills would have stopped him from getting it or using it to kill.  If a person is deranged enough to shoot a fellow citizen in a non-defensive situation, they are deranged enough to find a way to make it happen.

“It’s shocking, it’s wrong & we don’t have to live like this”

Update: As it turns out, this shooting was an off-duty police officer (legal gun) defending himself and family while being attacked.  So, another case of a gun possibly saving lives.

But what about this situation, Debbie?  One the same day, in Westmoreland, PA , 1 person died and 2 were injured in a car wreck, where one driver passed another and ran into a telephone pole?  Could road-rage have played a part in this wreck, emotions or mental instability getting the better of them, like most shootings the Costco shooting?  Perhaps.

So, where was Altschiller’s dramatic tweet about the “shockwave” that went through the Leftist summit as a result of this crash?  What about the person who died on that road?  Is one death more valuable or equal than another?  Of course it is : one fits her narrative, the other doesn’t.

What about demands for a 3-day waiting period to purchase a car?  Or expanded background checks, no cars for felons or losing your car (temporarily, supposedly) if allegedly involved in a domestic dispute?  What about the ability to “Red Flag” a family member because you suspect they’re a bad driver?

And where is Shannon Watts when another senseless (but non-gun-related) death takes place somewhere in the universe?

Democrats are professional hypocrites.  They want their country (and, ironically, themselves) disarmed, so they can feel warm and cozy in the government blanket, ignoring human nature and plenty of evidence that says they’re wrong (and be sure that they plan to control that blanket, not the other way around).

Good for me but not for thee.

Below is a list of other car-related deaths that took place the same day, June 15, 2019.  It took me 5 minutes to find these, telling me that auto-related deaths are a much bigger problem than gun violence and that Deb’s quixotic crusade – in one of the safest states in the union – is both misguided and hypocritical.

Come on, Deb, it’s wrong and we dont have to live like this.  Right?  Cue the narrative.

Buffalo, NY

San Antonio, TX

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Georgetown, Maryland

Springdale, Maryland

Jasper County, SC

Santa Maria, CA

Philadelphia, PA

(I could go on, and on…)