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Liberty Mutual – rewarding nudity with a President’s Award

Good old American values, there Liberty Mutual – you don’t have to bring your kiddies to the scummy strip joint in the red light zone (did I just age myself there?), just bring them to the beach.  Or, pretty much, anywhere now.  It’s a value, I guess a new-fangled one based on yet another set of Penumbras and emanations wafting out of the US Constitution and now sanctified by an insurance company:

Free the Nipple volunteer earns [Liberty Mutual] President’s Award

Maggie Fisher works daily toward her goal of bringing equality to women who desire to go topless in public places like the beach, the same as men.  In essence, she is working to Free the Nipple, the name of the organization she volunteers for in New Hampshire. With FTN NH, Fisher logged 536 volunteer hours in the past year, and she has been awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Gold Medal Award.  Many of her volunteer hours were spent engaging with the public on social media platforms by communicating with those who agree and disagree with FTN’s views on females toplessness in public as well as those who aren’t sure at what to think.

Yep, not sure what their standards are.  Given today’s moral relativism, I’m not surprised.

…Her volunteerism is tracked through her employer, Liberty Mutual, where she works in the information technology department.  This led to Fisher being award the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the Corporation for National and Community Service.  It is part of the Points of Light program started under President George H.W. Bush. Fisher was also recognized by Liberty Mutual in Boston recently as one of seven in the company who received the President’s award.

She’s also a “Pride Ambassador” at LM.

BTW, go read the article  at Seacoast Online.  Remember, this rag, and thus this article, is put out the husband of NH State Rep Debra Altschiller, the latest alleged physical assaulter in the NH House (he’s the Executive Editor).

Sidenote: given the renewed emphasis of the #MeeToo movement and the calls for harrassment training by those in the NH House, will she and the other convicted NH State Rep, Katherine Rogers, be in those classes?  Or are they actually teaching them?

Guess he’s ok with this new “American Value” as the rest of the article of bouncing boobs in public is written in a rather ho-hum, nothing to see here neutral, especially the part on “This pro-woman’s image group…”.  The phrase “being oogled” was not found in the article. How will this play with the dress code in the NH House and Senate, I ponder….

Ian Underwood and I are having a blog debate (yes, ball is in my court) but his last response (still have to promote it to a post in and of itself) started to talk about morals – who’s should be held uppermost? I’m a conservative – it is obvious that Fisher is not.  Whose morals should hold sway in the public square in this regard (hold off, Ian, I’ll bring this up later)?

I wish to raise my grandson with a value set that includes modesty (re: Rule #1 here at GraniteGrok) among other traditional NH values (hard work ethic, attention to detail, teamwork, love of God, family, and Country, courtesy, manners – those items we used to just take for Normal). If any moral set is now allowed, am I now physically restricted from the public square with him in tow because of this (Rule #1 – how am I to explain that before he’s ready and it’s clear that she and the FTN movement don’t care about my opinions and my value set?

Her aim is to redefine human sexuality as in a female breast shouldn’t be viewed sexually.  Sorry, but she doesn’t get to make that decision for everyone else no more than the pronoun nitwits that would have us jailed if we refuse to “properly” use their self-declared (and made up) pronouns that “describe” their sexuality (if they even have one).

Sidenote: really, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke an “Irishman who identifies as Hispanic”  has now brought that nuttiness to the Presidential campaign in having to think that his name placard having He/Him/His on it ???

Both of these, FTN and the pronoun wars embody a rather dangerous supposition: that the rest of us must tolerate, accept, and AFFIRM someone else’s delusions in public or face retribution. For you see, we Normals that hold to traditional values (like cover up one’s erogenous zones  in public, both male and female). But again, this is probably one of the most narcissistic times in our history: me and my views first and your’s don’t count because SHUT UP!

(H/T: Seacoast Online)