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Lead on McDuff

There has been a recent surge in the number of Democrats who support impeachment. Sure Trump can be a boor and a lout. Yes, his job performance may be politically objectionable. Predetermination may be the appropriate description of the impeachment effort. The appearance is that of a kangaroo court for an expressly political act. However, the President has done nothing impeachable. The phrase “lead on McDuff” seems oddly appropriate.

You know you are in trouble when…

Maxine Waters laid out the Democrat impeachment logic two years ago. According to CNSNews.com she said, “Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ and we define that…” Waters was willing to say in 2017, what other Democrats wouldn’t. If impeachment works well for them, they’ll find a crime.

Impeachment is a political decision. It is not a legal one. Use of legal language will be in play in the framing of the effort. For example: The accusation may become “Trump lied.” Perhaps it will become “Trump obstructed justice.” Or perhaps it will be about the non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels. But any way you slice it, the impeachment decision is about how the exercise serves the Democrats’ election prospects. That is what passes for good Democratic governance.

Impeachment will have nothing to do with what the president may or may not have done. That was true before special counsel Robert Mueller was named. It was true before he selected his staff. Before they collected evidence it was true. It was true before the release of the “I Got Nothing” report. Before they spent two years with 60 lawyers wasting $40 million of your tax dollars it was true. It was titillating but we knew it was true.

What is required?

The phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” came from 14th century English parliamentary law. It deals with specific acts regarding gross errors in governance. When written the phrase meant specifically the accused had:

  • Violated the constitution or laws. Trump hasn’t.
  • Subverted the rights of the Legislature or the system of government. Trump hasn’t.
  • Abused or misused power. Trump hasn’t.
  • Failed to perform the duties of office faithfully and competently. Trump hasn’t.
  • Engaged in self-dealing behavior or misuse of funds. Trump hasn’t.
  • Been guilty of oppression, corruption, or other misbehavior or “mal-administration.” Trump hasn’t.
Past, Present and Future…

We have been unceasingly force-fed slanted news about the Mueller investigation for two years. We’re pretty darn well informed. There’s nothing there. Most of us have heard enough and just don’t care. The Dems and their media buddies have tried and failed to turn us into impeachment supporters. The facts are out.

Most of us are just plain tired of the political gamesmanship. The “I Got Nothing” report turns out to be about 450 pages of looking through dirty linen. It was smelly and there were hashies. There was nothing which would support even a politically biased prosecutor’s request for indictment. It’s time to move on.