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Islam or Western Values

The U.S. counterterrorism strategy is an unwinnable global game of whack-a-mole. It has been focused on the most prevalent terrorist threat at a given moment. It fails to target the source, the ideology fueling the rise of the threats. There is less need of a strategy calling for massive American military deployment. There is more need for understanding the ideology of those involved in Jihad. That is what is important.

Shouldn’t we uphold traditional Western values? We must support and defend our western Judeo Christian values or they will be lost.If we treasure freedom, tolerance, respect for the individual and property rights we must come to understand those working to destroy them. To support and defend our principles and values we must articulate them. We must teach them and require education to be inclusive of fact based reasoning in decision making. We must work to prevent racism and bigotry in all of its many forms.

To that end, we should have prudent concern for the values and principles of Islam. They oppose those of the Western way of life, our way of life. Failure to grasp what actively opposes us is to abdicate our responsibility to future generations. We must work to fairly portray Islam to the larger community. There may be secular Muslims who are good members of the community. However, others driven by the ideology of Islam are actively opposed to democracy and the western way of life.

Islamic Values

The values of Islam appear to be the fulfillment of an ideology of prejudice and arrogance. Many adherents encourage intolerance, inequality, and belief in a master religion. These values are espoused from mosques. They are core values of Islam.

In our expression of concerned we should seek to affirm man’s right to live in peace and dignity regardless of his race or creed. The tenants of Islam do not allow this. Islam translates to a ‘submission’ or ‘surrender’. In Islam the promise of peace is made to believers only. Peace for Islam can come only when all peoples finally submit to Islam and Shariah.

Begin Learning Here: The Life of Muhammad

Islam is a theocracy. It is both a religion and a system of Government. Allah is the God of Arabia. Muhammad is the prophet of Islam. Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 AD. He grew up there, married well at 25 and had a relatively successful life for the time.

In 610 AD at the age of 40 Muhammad claimed encounters with an angel called Gabriel. From information acquired during the angelic encounters the Quran was written. Muhammad three years later took his teachings public in Mecca. He was unsuccessful in gaining acceptance of his dogma there and was persecuted for his beliefs.

In 622 AD Muhammad fled to Medina where he became militant; he turned conqueror. As a conqueror Muhammad brought all of Arabia under Islam. He died in 632 AD. Muhammad is understood, by believers, to be “the perfect man” whom all must emulate.

Where the Sharia came from…

His ways, words and thousands of his stories have been collected into volumes called Hadiths. The Hadiths carry as much weight as the Quran for Muslims. The various Muslim sects each accept and follow the teachings of various Hadiths and disavow others.

Together, the combined dos and don’ts of the Hadiths and the Quran have generated a way of life and law, called the Sharia. The Sharia governs every aspect the life, government and culture in Islam  worldwide. It is applicable on an individual level and at a state level. It is a totalitarian system of law and life that Muslims choose and must follow where ever they are, where ever they settle. The majority of the Sharia deals with interaction with the Kafir or non-believers.

The case presented about Islam is a plea of humanity to reason and law. It can be shown the slaughter committed by some adherents to Islam is not dictated by military necessity. Rather, it is committed because of the supreme perversion of thought. Strict adherents of the Islamic political theory; their master religion, are most often the perpetrators of acts viewed as terrorism in western culture. It can be shown the deeds of the warriors of Allah are the methodical execution of long range Islamic plans.


Those plans require the destruction of ethnic, national, political and religious groups. Strict adherence requires working to eradicate everything that is not Islam. All things not Islam stand condemned in the Islamist mind. Genocide, the extermination of whole categories of human beings, is an instrument acceptable to the Islamist view of Islamic doctrine. This is why knowledge of and response to Islam is important in today’s world. If we treasure freedom, tolerance, respect for the individual and property rights we must support and defend our western values or they will be lost.