Facebook Doodlings - Where Do They Get These Ideas on Minimum Wage? Part 2 - Granite Grok

Facebook Doodlings – Where Do They Get These Ideas on Minimum Wage? Part 2

This is getting to be as good as TreeHugger in finding out what Progressives really think and how (to use that Hillary word) “bossy” they can be.

Economic illiterates who believe that they, by the dint of getting one more vote than the other guy, are transformed into Societal Gods; capable of totally restructuring peoples lives without knowing a thing about them.

That is Progressivism. That Government can do anything without regard for the results. Including the dowsides for those that they are trying to “free them from oppression.”

In Part 1, it was all about:

  • The limited govt designed by our Founders has sailed
  • You shouldn’t care that govt is doing this because the minimum wage is below the market rate
  • Tried to use irrelevant clauses in the Constitution to justify govt setting a minimum wage

Founders negative Rights vs Socialism’s Positive Rights (which then cause others to have an “obligation” to fund “free stuff” and taking away THEIR rights)

This Part is a quick look into what some Progressive actually thinks about large corporations – specifically Walmart.  It really was jaw-dropping.  It started innocently enough:

Question: Because that’s not necessary in order for people to live decent lives. The value of the dollar hasn’t decreased by $100. It’s certainly decreased in spending power by a significant amount, but no one should be working on $7.25/hr when a gallon of milk costs around $4.

Response: How many high schoolers at their first job are buying milk? Wages are not set based on the need of the employee. They are set by a combination of the return that labor brings to the company, and what the labor market will bear.

And this comment came exploding off the screen from a seemingly Bernie-Sis:

Minimum wage wasn’t established to solely pay youngsters who work part time. McDonalds and Burger King can afford to pay their part-time young workers a higher minimum wage; and small businesses can pay their skilled full-time workforce a living wage.

Actually, the history was more Unions+Democrat legislated Jim Crow laws and against blacks and other minorities but one thing was for sure – it was never about a living wage.  Even at the beginning of the New Deal, as Progressivism was taking root like poison ivy, it wasn’t about that at all and look how blithe the commenter is about how small biz can pay. A completely blanket statement made out of thin air.  But it was this next part, which seems to hold a lot of water on the Left, that almost left me speechless:

If we’re complaining about welfare – Walmart has an entire department dedicated to keeping their workforce in poverty, while the company make record profits and pays little taxes.
End corporate welfare.

And I gave the only response that would be appropriate:

Really – an entire department dedicated to keeping their workforce in poverty? That is plain stupidity on a stick to claim that. What’s worse is your implication that those employees are too stupid to know it and even stupider to not upskill themselves and go elsewhere. What a rather condescending view…

And there’s even more.  Later.