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Brookline Democrat Complains About Granite Grok Sharing Closed Facebook Group Content


We get content from all over for which we are grateful. And when Brookline NH Democrat Committee Chair Robert Rushton’s ‘solution’ to the problem boys winning girl’s sporting events hit my inbox, I had to share it. And now someone wants to know who told me?

You copied text from a closed group discussion? How did you get that quote? There is (no) group member with the name, Steve Macdonald. I look very forward to your explanation.

I added the (no) because I am not a member of the group, and that was their point. If I were a member, then we’d know how I got the quote.

Skip responded.

The ‘explanation’ was listed in the post above:

…one of our readers shared that post on a Brookline New Hampshire (closed group) Facebook page.

Someone already in your group decided to share it. Rather easy to understand, then, how that quote is now on GraniteGrok – it was GIVEN to us.

Skip then reaffirms the obvious: We’re not going to identify the source. But it got me thinking. Why don’t people read what you write before they respond? No, that’s not it.

Most Democrats, certainly a town committee chair like Robert Rushton, are Left-Wing open borders advocates. Toe the party line, tote the party bale. It’s unwise to deviate from the rules painted on the side of the barn. So, why is someone who advocates open borders on a closed group? Excluding access by invitation only? Isn’t that uninviting? Bigoted and elitist.

Seems like it could be so perhaps you need to let whoever shows up at “the door” inside – and make sure you give them some free stuff at the expense of Brookline Taxpayers.

I’m just messing with you.

You’d only let them in if you felt certain they’d vote the way you wanted. 

And one other thing. You appear to have a leaker. An honorable and patriotic activity, depending on who is leaking what about whom.