"Be careful for what you wish for" - ProgressiveGrok just made a wish - Granite Grok

“Be careful for what you wish for” – ProgressiveGrok just made a wish


And I’m about to make it come true.  ProgressiveGrok (commenter and the owner of the little itty bitty blog site (so small that Alexa won’t even rank it) decided to take on a friend of the ‘Grok and became berry, berry upset that because she actually knows him in their home town, she used his real name.  And why not?

Well, he’s now gotten very pissy about being beat about the head and shoulders in losing and said that I needed to remove his actual name or he’d turn us in to DISQUS.  Well, alrighty then!

Consider it done – by the time this goes live, those posts / comments that had his name in them will be gone. Plus a bit more.

What’s the over/under, however, he won’t learn from this instance of the Law of Unintended Consequence that HIS decision has brought about? Hey, stuff happens.  Buh-by!