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Young Mom Suing College That Suspended Her for Posted Picture of Her Posing with a Gun

Dia'mon Dallas

The Obama years set several precedents in modern political history. Like asking people to spy on their neighbors and ratting them out to local authorities. Liberals love this. It comes naturally to them

As readily as defending the same corrupt authorities when they ignore the law or abuse the rights of others. As long as it’s “them,” they seem okay with it. But what about this?

A young mom, black, learning gun safety to protect herself and her child- taught by her cousin, who is a veteran — pictured with her fiance’, holding a handgun.

After her fiance’ shared the picture of her legally exercising a natural right, another student (reportedly) notified the administration of the technical college she attends and they suspended her.

She’s suing them.

“Florida’s First Coast Technical College has a low view of the U.S. and state constitutions, according to a federal lawsuit by a student who says she’s been suspended indefinitely.

Dia’mon Dallas is suing the Florida college for violating her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and retaliating against her in violation of the Florida Constitution,..”

A few mistakes. Pointing the gun toward the camera. Not a great idea. Anfernee Royster (her fiance’) adding a Bonnie and Clyde reference, also not the best idea. But none of that rises beyond the level of personal, playful social media sharing, none of which is the business of the college absent any other evidence.

During the suspension meeting, the assistant principal [Donna Gary-Donovan] said that in the posted picture, Dallas had a “mean look” on her face, was possessing “illegal guns” and stated that “things you do in the dark come in to the light,” according to the complaint.

Well, there you go. Mean look. Illegal guns. Everything a liberal white expert needs to make the call.

Now Donna Gary-Donovan is calling the college lawyers.

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