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Disturbing UNH Campus Climate Report Never Mentions Free Speech

UNH CampusLast September, the University System of New Hampshire released a preliminary report on Campus Climate. Its purpose was to institutionalize the bunching of panties after students wearing sombreros and fake mustaches at a Cinco de Mayo party on campus rustled some social justice jimmies.

The report began the long process of navel-gazing over Kampus Klimate and the Komplexities of what amounts to Free speech with this.

Members of the UNH Community,

We condemn the disrespectful language and behavior exhibited on campus around the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Here at UNH and on campuses across the country, there has been a disturbing increase in incidents involving uncivil, even hateful, behavior. We condemn all such acts – they have no place at UNH. We invite the campus community to the Granite State Room in the MUB at 7 p.m. tonight for a conversation about these issues and how we can build a stronger, more respectful UNH community. …

This entire document can be summarized as follows. People’s feelings were hurt. At UNH, when people’s feelings are hurt our feelings are hurt, and that’s hurtful. We need to stop being hurtful at all cost.

The solution is the acceptance of the culmination of Marxist social justice philosophy, Inclusive Excellence, which the missive defines.

At this inclusive excellence stage, “diversity” is defined broadly and exists at the highest level of institutional importance as foundational to mission fulfillment and academic excellence. It has become a cultural value that manifests itself in myriad ways, including being protected during difficult economic times and leadership transitions. The focus is on strategic diversity thinking, planning, and implementation of organizational systems and policies designed so that the institution fundamentally changes not only programs and policies, but how the campus community understands the challenges and opportunities of diversity. (Williams, 2013, p. 203)

It sounds like utopian socialist propaganda with a side of compelled speech, or maybe I’ve got those reversed, but the result is the same. Free speech must be sacrificed on this alter to achieve its goals.

Speech itself.

The word ‘speech’ appears only once in all 21 pages, under additional resources.

ii And Campus for All: Diversity, Inclusion and Freedom of Speech at U.S. Universities. 2017. PEN Campus Report. 103 pages. Available as a pdf

Protecting it as a foundation of educational excellence is not part of the UNH future.

Free Expression, likewise, receives scant coverage as a neutered replacement philosophy. The word expression appears four times and only once modified by “free,” in the last “additional resource.

I’d have preferred to see my tax dollars going toward something that defends free speech and free expression. Instead, UNH is facilitating an enforced orthodoxy that can’t be bothered with either.

How do you engage in an open debate if words, ideas, or expressions are censored by the Kampus Kulture? The pall of intimidation compelled speech creates makes open discourse impossible.

If, at any moment, you accidentally put two words together that should never be together or wear the wrong accessory (and you can never know for certain what might trigger someone else “in the community”) the Social Justice Stasi will have you impounded in the cultural gulag, a punishment that can come with any number of responses from being defrocked up to and including physical assault and riots.

And since you have no idea “who will be offended by what” your very existence on campus is forever under a perpetual gag order.

There’s nothing in the recruitment brochure about any of this, so I don’t suppose you’ll be advertising the imminent need for Mao suits to avoid future sartorial triggering?

You’d like to think that’s absurd but they are already dressing their language and behavior in them and pretending it’s anything else is insane.