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Today, we lack the will to control our own borders

Thirty-four point four percent of federal offenders, by type of crime, are committing immigration offenses. Of immigration case sentencings, 96.3 percent were Hispanic. Ninty-two point seven percent of immigration cases sentencings were males and 3.6 percent were people under 21. The immigration case sentencings involved 91.5 percent non-citizens.

These statistics and the rest of the statistics yet to be cited come from the 2018 Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics. It’s 226 pages of insight into who, what and where.

Another arguably related statistic is that drug offenses account for another 28.1 percent of federally sentenced cases, which means that 62.5 percent of people incarcerated in the federal correction system in 2018 committed either drug or immigration offenses. Almost two thirds of federal criminal cases are accounted for in these two categories of federal crime.

The next two most frequently sentenced types of cases are firearms violations at 10.8 percent of cases and fraud/theft cases at 9.5 percent of cases. The top four types of cases by number sentenced account for 82.8 percent of federal cases sentenced. Here’s another piece of statistical information: 42.7 percent of those sentenced in the federal system in 2018 are non-U.S. citizens.

Is there a reason; beside health care concerns, communicable diseases specifically, to focus attention on our southern border? Is cost a concern? Is national security a concern? Is your personal safety a concern?

Today we essentially do not control our borders because the political will does not exist on our side of the border to do so. Our political leadership has less respect for the American people than they have for the need for talking points. One specific party is leading the way against the rule of law, for open borders and for sanctuary.

We do not need to invent a reason to control and secure our nation’s borders. It is our sovereign right as a nation. National defense is the main reason we have a constitution. Border control is necessary in order to prevent smuggling, drug trafficking, gun running and human trafficking.

We do not need new law. We need to enforce the law we have. We need to focus sufficient effort on protecting America and her citizens. Border security isn’t hard to do, it need not be expensive nor is it complex to understand. It is just important.