Sununu Veto Tracker post: Let's see if the Guv lives up to his own "veto hype"? - Granite Grok

Sununu Veto Tracker post: Let’s see if the Guv lives up to his own “veto hype”?

As Kimberly pointed out, Gov. Sununu vetoed SB1 today.  I’m going to keep updating this post to keep track of all the bills that do get such treatment.  Thus, let’s see if he beats Mel Thompson’s record of 73 vetoes. After all, the Democrats have certainly given him a target rich environment from which to choose. My concern is on some of the “social issue” bills – will he use those to burnish his “bipartisanship cred” or is he gonna stick with those of us that brung him to the dance (the Conservative base)?  Only time will tell….

From my original list of bills (plus the anti-gun bills “masked” by other “issues”) I was told that had the Veto Magnifying Glass on them:

  1.  HB109 – requiring background checks for private firearms sales AND transfers.
  2.  HB 514 – imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm!
  3.  HB 564, banning law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms in a ‘safe school zone.
  4. SB 1 / HB712 – mandatory Paid Family Medical Leave (aka, an income tax)                                            VETOED 5/9/19
  5. HB397 – drivers licenses for illegal aliens / illegal immigrants
  6. HB 686 – “interim” (Hahahahaha – interim?) cost for adequate education and putting taxes on capital gains
  7. SB196 – stripping parental rights w/respect to non-academis surveys in public schools from an opt-in to an opt-out for every survey
  8. HB455 – doing away with the death penalty for capital (and changing it to life imprisonment)
  9. HB105 – essentially allow voter fraud free reign and “removes the requirement” for voter fraud investigation by the SecState
  10. HB106 – undoes the 2018 definition of resident, inhabitant, residence, residency.
  11. SB7 – allows for automatic DMV voter registration (no chances for fraud here, right?) unless one opts-out
  12. SB13 – Raises our electrical rates by forcing electricity companies to purchase renewable energy at the retail price (instead of wholesale; think a house with solar panels on the roof).
  13. SB67 – Mucks up the definitions of a resident and residency to allow almost anyone from anywhere to vote in NH elections.


  • 1 for 13 on the list
  • Overall total: 1