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Pope Francis Calls for Global Government -Just Say ‘No!’

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is promoting global socialsim again, calling for a supernational organization to (essentially) force nations to accept policy to address shared issues. What might those be? Climate change, human trafficking, and nuclear war.

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Pope Francis said that when a “supranational common good” is clearly identified, as in the case of climate change or human trafficking, it necessitates a special legal authority capable of facilitating solutions.

He called for new paths of cooperation among nations to achieve peace today when “multilateral nuclear disarmament appears outdated and does not stir the political conscience of nations that possess atomic weapons.”

Sorry, your Holiness, you lost me at Climate change. But I understand why you embrace it.

It is an international scheme to redistribute wealth. Climate Change is socialsim. The Paris CLimate Accord should have demonstrated to that to anyone who is paying attention.  It took money from the US and redistributed it while allowing Russia, China, India, and other nations continue to do nothing for decades.

The Pope’s plan is no different.

Any supernational scheme with more power than the UN, which has been trying to redistribute Western wealth for decades, would do it with legal force. Force applied to a limited number of nations for the stated good of whomever it chose.

Pick an issue, and the terms are the same. The advance of “globalization” at the expense of the individual liberties enjoyed by American’s by a bureaucratic body empowered to override the protections of the US Constitution.

It’s what the Democrat party wants in America. It is what the progressive globalists want. And it is up to us to confront this evil wherever it appears no matter who proposes it. 

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