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NH State Senate Shelves Legal Weed ’till Next Session

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New Hampshire’s effort to grow government off legal weed has stalled in the New Hampshire Senate. Senators want to study the bill some more because it lacks the House votes to survive a promised veto.

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The Senate voted Thursday to delay action on a legalization bill until late December or early next year. The bill had passed the House in April, but not with enough votes to override a promised veto by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. Sen. Martha Hennessey, a Hanover Democrat, said the Senate Judiciary Committee was unanimous in believing that the issue needs further consideration.

I know a lot of folks are hoping to put their second amendment rights at risk to grow government and have a few plants around the house. The few plants part is the only bit with which I don’t have an issue. But that was never where this was headed.

You know as well as I that government wants to feed off this issue and will never let go of that revenue once it has it.  And it won’t pay for existing spending or to provide, oh, I don’t know, property tax relief is popular. That’s not going to happen.

It will pay for new spending, a new or expanded regulatory apparatus, and expanded enforcement. Legal (at least in the case or marijuana) means regulated. And regulate they shall, because that’s a cash cow right there. Complete with all the existing Federal prohibitions from which the state will probably not defend you.

And I know you’ll keep trying, but the overall prognosis from where I stand continues to be that this obsession will result in less freedom, not more.


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