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Does This Mean Genderless Illegal Aliens Can Vote in New Hampshire Too?

gender vs sex

New Hampshire Democrats famously passed legislation to give illegal aliens drivers licenses. That way, they could vote. Now the Democrats have passed a bill to allow them, or anyone to use ‘x’ as their sex on that driver’s license.

From Cornerstone.

“…sex is a biological reality. We can make whatever claims we want about it, but at the end of the day, as a man I will never be able to give birth to a child. I cannot separate my identity from my body – I am one entity, regardless of what I feel or perceive.

If we are willing to accept the logic above for sex, why stop there? Why not be consistent, and apply the same logic to age, weight, height, race, eye color, etc.?”

The gender x argument is little different from the illegal alien one. It is misusing a legal document recognized in all 50 states to virtue-signal. In both cases, it foments a form of identity fraud.

People who committed a crime to get here and may have committed others to stay will gain access to resources to which they are not entitled. This includes (at least in New Hampshire) a potential vote that could grant them even more resources (at your expense). If the law means nothing, why have legislators?

Concerning gender x, it is a state sanction of a fantasy. As I have noted in the past if someone fished your body out of a river, the reports and any autopsy would identify you by your physical biology. It does not care if the 6′ 2″ white male thought it was a 5′ 9″ female of color (who taught lesbian dance theory). The facts do not care if you played the cello or what food you favor or your vacation aspirations. 

The government does not exist to pander to our self-esteem, aspirations, or flights of fancy, despite what some may think. Making it so invites further intrusions and that is, likely, the point, which is even more reason for sensible people from center to right to oppose such interventions.

The left is not sensible. If they were we’d not be having the discussion.

You can call the governor to oppose HB669 at (603) 271-2121