Is There Any Such Thing As A Transgender Autopsy? - Granite Grok

Is There Any Such Thing As A Transgender Autopsy?


So imagine if you will, a body fished from a river. The deceased is sent to the Medical Examiner, who performs an autopsy.

We have a white male, …oh! Problem. What if they aren’t really…”male?”

We can’t possibly know what the gender of the deceased was at the time of death. We can only know what the biological characteristics of the body are at the time of examination. Any report, or reporting, produced on that basis will run the risk of appearing intolerant, bigoted, and insensitive to the disposition of the deceased and any family or friends.

How many states who have blocked travel to states that wish to keep men out of women’s public bathrooms are making this intolerant blunder daily?

And what about Bryan Adams? If we don’t do something about outdated biological autopsy terms like male and female, in every state and city in America, Bryan, and those other entertainers that refuse to perform in places like North Carolina where biological anatomy might still mean something to the general public, will never be able to work anywhere in the US, ever.

What a shame.

(I suppose they could keep working in Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, and the UAE.)