Chicagoland - New Red Flag Laws, More Officers Do Nothing to Stem "Gun Violence" - Granite Grok

Chicagoland – New Red Flag Laws, More Officers Do Nothing to Stem “Gun Violence”

Chicago gun violence memorial day weekend

The only thing Liberals will not do to slow the tide of criminals engaging in”gun violence” is the one thing most likely to work. Make it easier for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Chicago is the poster-child for this mindset. The mecca of liberal gun laws and one of the most consistently violent places in America.

Memorial Day Weekend in Chicagoland, a bellwether for failed anti-gun policies, continues to prove Democrat gun-grabbers wrong.

Several new gun control measures took effect Jan. 1, including expanded rules for revoking Firearms Owners’ Identification (FOID), ‘red flag’ gun confiscation procedures, and an extended rifle purchase waiting period of 72 hours, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

So, what did bringing all these new restrictions to bear on law-abiding citizens (on top of a long list of existing limitations) do for gun crimes in Chicago? Nothing.

The tweet contradicts the link it shares. Forty-two people were shot and seven died.

For contrast, there were thirty-nine shootings and seven deaths over the same period in 2018, before the new anti-gun laws went into effect.

That can only mean one thing. Democrats will want to disarm more law abiding citizens.

| Daily Caller