Bernie Sanders – My Plan Will Require an Increase in Income Taxes for Ordinary People.


This should come as a big surprise to no one. Free Healthcare isn’t free. What proof do I have, you say? Well, aside from common sense, basic math skills, and the ability to think and do things on my own, the Socialist Bernie Sanders says so.

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This may be one of the few times where we can agree, so embrace the moment.

The Socialist Bernie Sanders wants government-run health care. What Democrat Socialist doesn’t? But the government to take over and essentially ruin our healthcare system you and your employer (which means you in both cases) will pay higher payroll and income taxes.

Or as Sanders puts it, “an increase in income taxes in a progressive way for ordinary people.”

That means a lot of things. It means higher taxes, lower pay, fewer jobs, and less economic growth. More unemployed and underemployed. An increase in people on food stamps and welfare. More poop on the Streets of San Francisco (and perhaps Manchester and Nashua and Franklin – never Portsmouth). And an economy that will make the stagnation of the Obama years look like we did have that recovery summer after all.

But hey, you’ll have “free health care” and all the ‘benefits’ of long wait times, poor treatment, and the growing list of things (medications and procedures) that aren’t covered or available the increasing number of “ordinary people.”

And no, it won’t lower the actual cost of healthcare, but hey, enjoy! (Or, maybe, vote Republican instead.)

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