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Another Democrat Announces Run for President – Promises to Suppress Free and Open Speech

Steve Bullock

A few days after insiders said Mayor de Blasio “was in,” he wasn’t. Maybe we scared him off? Not to worry, the governor of Montana has decided he needs national attention. Steve Bullock has formally announced his candidacy for President.

And yes, the governor of Montana is a Democrat.

Bullock is coming out of the gate for suppressing free speech.

Fighting Big money in politics is the dog whistle for what I like to call building up the beltway. It’s a Democrat talking point. These outside groups spend all this money. We have no idea whose it is. They are flipping elections.

Do you mean like the2018 Blue wave? No. Big money on the left is not the target, nor will it be in any way affected. The goal is to expose country-class donors who oppose the Deep state to mob tactics while centralizing influence to lobbyists in DC.

Devoted to DC Insiders

Every page devoted to campaign finance reform has only one purpose. Make it harder for anyone who is not connected to the Swamp to play in election politics. To force big money to come directly to DC to do its influencing.

I’ll give you an example.  Democrats have gone out of their way to expose donors to mob tactics. Factions within the Obama administration illegally released private IRS data to activists who publicly intimidated donors to campaigns or initiatives. The mob sends a message. We’ll do this to you.

They’ll do that if they can get away with it, but they’d rather use the law to do this. Incumbents use these laws to insulate themselves while mining the political landscape to keep outsiders away.

They make it harder for anyone else to participate in the process. The more hoops, the better. Dissuade small businesses or outside groups from pooling money to make any meaningful impact. They get taxed and regulated but are afraid to speak out for fear of tripping over regulations or exposing themselves or donors to intimidation.

Anyone who tries can be used to set an example to others.

Truly big money has the lawyers needed to navigate the mines, litigate challenges, or pay any fines after the fact. They still get their message out and absorb the penalties as part of the cost of doing business. 

If corporate America can’t use PAC’s or donations to express themselves for or against taxes and regulations that affect them, they’ll buy more lobbyists.  Pay them to get Congress to regulate competitors out of business and protect their monopoly on the market and the business of political speech.

Bullock’s campaign is a joke.

He can’t be running for VP; Montana isn’t even a whistle stop on the electoral college Cook Tour. Under Democrats fondling of direct elections, it becomes part of California and ceases to exist as a sovereign state. Meaningless. Another white, male, Democrat, from a flyover state.

And his opening salvo is a fraud. All it does is move more big money from the public sphere (where everyone can see and hear it and judge for themselves) to inside the beltway backrooms, fundraisers, coffees, luncheons, and private meetings. Places no one else can afford to tread.

I don’t know much about the guy. Maybe he’s just desperate for attention.

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