Unplanned Movie – Inspiring Abortion Workers to Walk Away from Industry

Unplanned - the story of Abby Johnson

The Unplanned Movie is taking critics and big tech obstruction by surprise. The Film continues to do well in more ways than just the box office. At least one report claims that people employed in the abortion industry are asking Abby Johnson’s organization for help in getting out.

“After about 10 days into release, or a couple more now, we have had many approach us through Abby Johnson’s organization, which transitions abortion workers out of the industry,” Konzelman said. “And I believe we have 1 percent of the abortion workers in the U.S. seeking help to relieve the industry. The number of actual workers who have reached out is 94.”

Leading up to release the Tech Giants flexed their muscles in ideological opposition, including Google, Netflix, and others. Rejecting ads. Even blocking content. Twitter knee-jerk banned the Unplanned Twitter account before reinstating it – after some serious pushback.

And now with Tech Giants up on The Hill telling Congress they don’t do that sort of thing we’re happy to report that GraniteGrok’s account appears to be out of Twitter jail. [updated] is visible but remains blocked to new content.

Twitter banned GraniteGrok for posting inappropriate content. The content was a report on New Zealand voting to ban assault weapons.

Here’s Ted Cruz talking about Big Tech and Censorship.