Trump to Skip Correspondents Dinner Again - Plans Another Huge Rally Instead - Granite Grok

Trump to Skip Correspondents Dinner Again – Plans Another Huge Rally Instead

Trump-MAGA-rally-in-Grand-Rapids -Image Epoch Times

Donald Trump told the press yesterday that the White House Correspondents dinner is “so boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally instead.” You have to wonder if they are relieved he’s not attending.

Trump never spied on the media or tapped their phones like his predecessor Mr. Obama, but Barry-O was beloved. “You Tap my phone because you love me.” If the press treated 44 and his real scandals with half the energy they invested in their fake scandals about Trump, Obama would have been driven from office before the end of his first term.

And that is one of the things I like about Trump.

You don’t get to be president without thickening your skin but check this guy out. He’s been hammered non-stop from every direction “since Day One” (to Borrow from Mr. Obama) and he just smiles and digs right back.

I’m Loving it.

Back to the (he’s not going to the) Dinner!

The association this year decided to shift to a featured speaker instead of a comic after a sharply anti-Trump performance last year by comedian Michelle Wolf that some thought was too pointed against White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other White House staff.

I don’t think it matters who speaks, this isn’t Trump’s crowd. Journalists are ticks embedded in the ruling class ass – there are exceptions.  But not many. So, I expect the Rally will be a much bigger success. His last one was Yuge!

Instead, he said he would hold one of his MAGA-style rallies as a counter-program to the April 27 press dinner. The president’s rallies often gather tens of thousands of supporters. In a recent rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump drew in 14,000 supporters who filled the Van Andel Arena stadium to capacity, with nearly 20,000 outside.

Thousands of enthusiastic people who are proud to be Americans or a room full of DC journos. Hmmm.

Image | The Epoch Times