Trump Say's He's Going to Ship Illegals To Sanctuary Cities Until Congress Changes the Law - Granite Grok

Trump Say’s He’s Going to Ship Illegals To Sanctuary Cities Until Congress Changes the Law

California Sanctuary State

The Democrats (and their judges) have been adamant. You can’t detain these illegals; you have to release them. Mr. Trump punked the Left with his suggestion that he’d send them to Sanctuary Cities. Now he’s blaming Congress and says Homeland will be instructed to do just that.

“Those Illegal Immigrants who can no longer be legally held (Congress must fix the laws and loopholes) will be, subject to Homeland Security, given to Sanctuary Cities and States!” Trump tweeted.

And he’s not breaking the law. It says release, not where. Homeland can put them wherever they like, right after a nice comfort-coach road trip to San Jose (they know the way), Los Angeles, or sanctuaries Liberally more distant.

Fix the Problem

Trump has been asking Congress to fix the immigration laws since before he won the office. Add to that the Left’s industrial effort to stop him undoing by executive order what Obama did by executive order, and here we are with bonus material.

Liberal billionaires, or someone, is placing ads in Central and South American local media encouraging foreigners to come to America. It’s not us. And while we can send them home, the volume has made it deliberately difficult to do much of anything but try to contain the influx.

We can’t detain them forever, so the left is getting its wish. Tens of thousands of likely Democrat voters they wanted “straining” services in Arizona and Texas will be straining services in San Fran, LA, Portland, Seattle, and so on.

Right, where the Democrats pretended they belong, but we’ve since discovered, they never really wanted.

There’s no official order yet. But I could see Trump sending a few busloads to the biggest whiners for effect. Complaining makes them look like hypocrites. And all the while Trump can blame Congress for doing nothing to prevent it.

The left may be behind the invasion, but Trump is doing his best to give himself as much leverage as possible given the situation. And it is still an issue where most Americans agree with him.

This latest chapter could put more folks in his camp.

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