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The Democrat’s Rainbow Only Bends One Way, and That is Left

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We’ve got another Democrat Socialist Watch Update for you. A heads up of what you could expect from Democrats in New Hampshire. Dateline Los Angeles. City ordinance 186000 took effect on April 1st of this year. It requires contractors to declare support for a political opponent.

If they support or have supported the National Rifle Association, Los Angeles will exclude them from city contracts.


If you work for the city or want to bid on contracts municipal law requires you to disclose any association with a specific organization. In other words, you must declare fealty to the political opinions of municipal government or no public contract for you.

The NRA is suing LA with several unnamed city contractors.

The NRA countered by saying, “The Ordinance does, in fact, chill the speech of current and prospective City contractors with ties to Plaintiff NRA. In fact, several contractors with ties to Plaintiff NRA refused to be named or to participate in this lawsuit, fearing that the City will retaliate against them and revoke or reject City contracts based on their relationship to NRA.”

People do have a right to know where public money is spent. But using political force to deny legitimate businesses access to those contracts over ideological differences is, well, what the Democrat party is all about.

Los Angeles has proven a point I’ve made dozens of times. There is no equality in equity. No inclusion in the inclusive excellence of one-party rule. The Democrat’s rainbow only bends one way, and that is left. If you do not conform to their political and cultural demands nothing else about you matters.

While L.A. Mayor Garcetti and others feel confident about their ordinance I suspect they will eventually lose this case. But before that happens, I’d like to see a few minority and women-owned private businesses who could bid for contracts (but have not yet) hold a press conference.

Make a scene.

Expose Emperor Garcetti and his Lords and Ladies of the realm. A city plagued not just by rare diseases, drugs, crime, homelessness, and raw sewage in the streets but by Democrat policies that created all of that.

Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco – these are the realities of rule under the rainbow. Pompous dictators deciding what you can do and say. With whom you may associate. Living large while veterans, families, women, and children devolve into shared misery. Scrabbling for scraps from their ruler’s table.

It’s disgusting.

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