Teacher: 1KM > 1 Mile. Kid challenges teacher. Teacher puts him into detention - Granite Grok

Teacher: 1KM > 1 Mile. Kid challenges teacher. Teacher puts him into detention

“…would be better off simply accepting my teachings without resistance.”

Resistance“?  What a loaded word to use towards a parent. Wow!  Just wow! Teacher asserts that 1 kilometer is greater than 1 mile. The teacher was wrong: 1 mile = 1.6 km.  Kid disputes it, kid gets detention.  Over “tone”?

You can certainly read it for yourself but what the heck is wrong with teachers nowadays?  Classroom Tyrant, this one is!  This is basic information – part of a well-rounded knowledge base that education is supposed to impart to our young’uns but that isn’t going to happen when teachers are this uneducated (yes, there’s a reason why teachers, on average, are scored in the lower third of SAT scores). But the attitude of this one is definitely yet another reason why parents/grandparents/relatives/friends/neighbors should seriously reconsider homeschooling.

Being a teacher should mean that you know the subject matter better and more in-depth than your students – full stop.  It’s ok to be wrong at times – a good teacher should not just be able to correct their students but also accept corrections from their students as well.  In this case, not so much.

So there’s the attitude maladjustment towards the student.  But note the even worse attitude towards the mom (assumed motherhood here) – “you’d better straighten out your son for attempting to straighten me out” as if SHE’S at fault – and demonstrates a complete lack of self-accountability for starting and raising the behavior in her own classroom.  A simple “yep, you’re right – my bad!” would have made the whole incident, well, never mind as it would never have started in the first place.

And then teachers can’t understand why they, like the press, are seeing their Trust rates melting like the flake this one is.

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