Press Conference: Womens' Defense League of NH - Veto these bills! - Granite Grok

Press Conference: Womens’ Defense League of NH – Veto these bills!

This morning, the Womens’ Defense League of NH (“WDLNH”) had a press conference in the Legislative Office Building at 8:30am. Despite the slavish attention that NH’s Media gives the anti-Constitution/civilian disarmament folks, none of them were to be found covering “the other side”. Only GraniteGrok and Tony Schinella from Patch were there:

The topic: to announce the first 1,000 signatures by Second Amendment Right activists that were going to be delivered to NH Governor Sununu’s office – with 1,000s more coming over the next few weeks.

The Bills: HB109 (Universal Background) and HB514 (waiting period) sponsored by the Democrat and convicted assaulter NH State Rep Katherine Rogers (who, apparently, has paid no price within her party for physically slapping a senior citizen lady) and HB564 (gun-free school zone that goes far beyond the Federal law) by alleged physical assaulter (and another Democrat) NH State Rep Debra Altschiller. The WDLNH is calling on Governor Sununu to immediately veto these bills as soon as they arrive on his desk.