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NH Stonewall Democrats: Women are Bigots if they are Concerned About Men In Their Showers

Democrats base their anti-gun legislation on the likelihood of any gun owner using their weapons to kill. Guilty without regard to innocence. But when a New Hampshire activist tweets that women are worried about allowing men into women’s showers, she is branded a transphobic bigot.

NH Stonewall transphobe Bigot

Beth calls it, and Democrats deliver. You disagree, and you’re a bigot.

The End of Crimes of Convenience

Criminals have always used access and opportunity as a means to an end. Gun free zones attract a disproportionate number of mass shootings. Child-sex predators always look for ways to be closer to children. But letting “men” into women’s showers or locker rooms without condition won’t somehow attract rapists?

Of course, it will.

As noted here, “The point is not that transgenders might be sexual predators, it is that sexual predators WILL claim to be transgender.”

And the left is their own proof of this. Progressivism, Democrat Socialism, is predicated on the need of the state to direct as much of our daily lives as possible. Humans are flawed. The State can fix that (yes they can!). They just need enough laws, controls, taxation, and a command and control government.

Democrats and Rapists

We’re all selfish glands pursuing banal urges. Greedy doctors who perform unnecessary surgery. Bankers and CEO’s who bilk customers and employees. Nuns who refuse to pay for abortions. Gun owners who are just waiting for the right opportunity to shoot up the nearest daycare. Oil companies providing cheap energy at the expense of the planet.

Everything the left has planned requires that the state seize power or property or rights to make some circumstance or relationship “better” under their guiding hand. 

People are bad. They can’t be trusted. Government is good (at least) when run by them and only them. That’s the logic of the left.

But sexual predators (much like Democrat legislators) are immune to human nature. If the state allows them access to your sisters, wives, and daughters in showers and locker rooms they will not abuse this access. How dare you suggest that this creates a threat to women. 

So, the NH Stonewall Democrats are on the record. They don’t care if their policy increases the likelihood of rape or murder. They don’t care about women’s concerns even if they are feminists.


And yes, Rep, Sherry Frost liked that response by NH Stonewall Democrats.