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NH Socialists Give Bernie a Boost in the Polls – What it Means for New Hampshire


I won’t spend a lot of time on this because frankly, our readers don’t care. But they should. At least on this point. The far left own the base in New Hampshire and they are socialists and that matters.

While it’s early Bernie is holding a sizeable lead in the first in the nation primary state. And despite other polling, the UNH poll has had him there, more or less since the last election. And that’s bad.

UNH Poll Dem Primary Bernie leads April 2019


Leftward Ho!

Bernie is a socialist. In 2016 he won the New Hampshire primary by a wide margin (both sides accusing the other of vote fraud and I believe them all).

In 2020 Bernie appears likely to do the same. The latest UNH poll shows him almost as likable to Democrats as Joe Biden, and he is on top as the Left’s first pick and their second pick. And while Biden got better grades in February for his perceived ability to beat Trump two months later, Bernie holds that distinction.

Bernie is perceived by far as the most progressive (socialist) while being the guy New Hampshire Democrats want running the country (in this case) into the ground.

Yes, Buttigieg is rising and younger, but he’d have to out-socialist Bernie to win which makes our plight no better.

New Hampshire Needs Your Help

Regardless of who wins, we have to deal with those folks and their priorities. A problem that is not limited to the base. The same ideologues run the Democrat majority Legislature. Tax, spend, regulate, take away rights.

In 2020 we need to galvanize the Center and the Right to save New Hampshire from the socialists. They are here. They mean to ruin us. And they will if we let them.