Merrimack State Rep Votes to Raise Taxes by Half a Billion, Then Mocks Taxpayers


As I discussed in a previous post, Thomas ran for State Rep as a non-partisan whose focus was clean water. She did not run on creating a capital gains tax or a payroll tax or any of the other new taxes and fees she and her fellow Democrats passed.

It is bad enough that she brazenly lied in order to be elected, but mocking the people whom she wants to force pay for her spending spree is really too much to take.

I reiterate what I wrote in the previous post: I hope there is a viable Republican Town Committee in Merrimack that finds solid, electable Republicans to run against Thomas and her fellow “Water Warrior” phonies. And that the voters are fully informed, before they cast their votes, that the Democrats essentially defrauded them in 2018 because Thomas and her ilk are actually Left-wing extremists.