Lakes Region Community Services Award - A Short Address - Granite Grok

Lakes Region Community Services Award – A Short Address

Skip at Lakes Region Event

A few weeks ago, TMEW and I received an award from the NH Childrens’ Trust “Unsung Heroes”. Gov Sununu gave out the awards, our picture and the nomination piece was in the local paper. All this for simply stepping up and doing the right thing – being grandparents that stepped up and taking in our Grandson at birth as his parents were unable to care for him. We were nominated for this award and not something we even knew about until we were asked to attend the ceremony.

How could I not do it, especially after espousing Conservative values (which includes Family as the First Responders) for years on GraniteGrok, and then not do it in real life?

After that, I was asked to speak at the Lakes Region Community Services annual meeting to tell the attendees (LRCS’s and allied organizations’ staffs and friends)  concerning the Early Supports and Services the Grandson received while the legal ward of the State under the aegis of the NH Division of Children, Youth, and Families (NH DCYF) given the circumstances of his birth.

What a treat to be [grand]parents to a now three year old happy-go-lucky boy thirty odd years after doing it the first time! And for those that do not know, we ended up formally adopting him a year ago last month

This is the short address I gave: