Liberal Morality: Who Cares if Unborn Babies Feel Pain – Stop Boiling Live Lobsters!


Last year Switzerland, which recognizes the dignity of plants, prohibited boiling lobster alive. Suicide tourism is a go, as is abortion. But don’t cook a lobster unless it’s already dead. Quick question? What if the lobster elected to commit suicide in Switzerland by boiling?

Silly question, how would we know unless it left a note?

Meanwhile, over in England, they’re on about the lobster boiling thing as well.

The Daily Mail reports British comedian Bill Bailey and wildlife presenter Chris Packham put their support behind an effort to prohibit lobsters from being boiled or dismembered alive in the UK.

They joined the organization Crustacean Compassion in sending a letter to British Environment Secretary Michael Gove, urging him to include lobsters as sentient creatures in a new Animal Welfare bill, according to the report.

Human “animal” welfare, at least before birth (and probably for some time after) is not a subject of much interest for this lot. But crabs (who walk sideways) and lobsters (who walk straight) are up for special consideration.

The groups claimed lobsters and other animals are subjected to “extreme treatments” in the food industry, including dismemberment while they are still alive.

But pre-born babies feel pain but rights, not so much?


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