How You Can Help James O’Keefe and Justice in New Hampshire

James O'Keefe 603 Summit

Robert Alan Bell is a New Hampshire Resident who broke three laws. He voted twice in a federal election. He broke the law in Florida, New Hampshire, and Federal law. Has he been served a Subpoena by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office?

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To the best of our knowledge, no.

But when James O’Keefe brought evidence to the NH AG, they served him with a Grand Jury Subpoena. Why?

Why O’Keefe and not Bell?

We don’t know what the AG is investigating or why James has to appear to testify. We do know that Bell broke the law. So, what gives? And here’s the part where you can help.

On Monday Morning, call, write, or visit the NH AG’s office and ask. Regardless of what the reasoning is behind the O’Keefe Subpoena why haven’t you served Bell? You have a confession on tape. You have documented evidence and testimony. So, what gives?

Where’s his subpoena?  Investigate Robert Bell for double-voting in New Hampshire.

Tweet: @NH_DOJ and use #NHpolitics
Call: 603.271-3658