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Does Ann Kuster Agree with Rashida Tlaib – That Democrats are Racists?

Rashida Tlaib and Ann Kuster

I’ve got a question for Ann Kuster, New Hampshire’s Senior Congresswoman from New Hampshire. What do you think about your colleague Rashida Tlaib calling you a racist?

The problem appears to be that Tlaib’s not pleased with the Democrat Party’s cold embrace of Muslim members of Congress.

Could those issues relate to what is and is not anti-Semitic? I’d thought the Muslim Caucus™ won that round? Democrat objections to antisemitic tropes were converted to generalized platitudes about hate speech, in general. You know, MAGA hats, and anything a Conservative says on Twitter.

Democrat Jews lost, Islamic Democrats won, so what’s your problem?

The Donkey Brays Jee-Had! Jee-Had!

Perhaps the cold-shoulder is a result of the warm embrace of jihad in the form of support for groups like CAIR, or speakers who support or have ties to terrorism? Are you having problems getting Democrats to let you sit at that table?

I can’t imagine why?

Democrats are about as “there” as they can be without speaking at a fundraiser for a group that was an unindicted co-conspirator in terror attacks on American soil like Ilhan Omar did.

But to your point, the misunderstanding is entirely yours. You assume the Left’ embrace has something to do with what you or your “interest group” want. Nothing could further from the truth.

Don’t Take It Personally But You are a Prop

Rep. Tlaib you need to accept reality. Or maybe you already have? Democrats never cared about you or your issues. You are no less a prop in their blind pursuit of power than gays, trans, women, children, teachers, hourly employees, illegal aliens, union workers, veterans, or regular Americans sitting around their kitchen table. That is to say none.

You are narrative window dressing. Once they have the power they crave, it will be time for new window treatments.

Democrats view you as a cog in an identity politics mill that grinds the rainbows to feed the one-party-statist tyranny of Democrat Socialism. 

Any deviation from leadership, any opinion or idea outside the lines, will be met with the same outrage that is directed at the Right today with one difference. There will (at least in theory) be no one left to protect you from them. Their media will bury you if the machine of government does not. Thankfully, assisted suicide will be legal and that “sudden illness” you contracted out-of-the-blue can end with dignity.

Which is not exactly how the Islamists who perpetrated 9/11 in 2001 and in Benghazi in 2012 feel about people who oppose Sharia. To them, the illness is western culture and the cure is death by any means none of which include the word dignity. But they might hear a few bars of Allahu Akbar before they go.

And all that aside, what are you actually after and what about the Democrat Party makes you think they can help you get it?

And why isn’t Ann Kuster or any Democrat outraged at Tlaib’s accusation of what amounts essentially to institutional Democrat party racism?