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Dan Feltes’ Income tax

Dan Feltes Income Tax

NH State Senator Dan Felts refuses to admit that his mandatory Paid Family Medical Leave act which will apply a 0.5% tax on a worker’s income, is just that – an income tax. And sooo….

The advertisement highlights Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes’ fervent support for the creation a mandatory income tax, hidden under the guise of a paid family medical leave program. Feltes’s plan targets the hard-earned wages of New Hampshire families and leaves Granite Staters with no opportunity to opt-out of the program.

Following the release of the ad, Chairman Stephen Stepanek issued the following statement:

“Dan Feltes’ efforts to create an income tax is just the latest example of New Hampshire Democrats turning to far-left policies straight out of Washington. Worst of all is that Dan Feltes can’t even guarantee that his income tax won’t skyrocket, should it be passed into law. Dan Feltes’ colleagues in the Senate must stand up to him and do what’s right. New Hampshire families deserve better.”