"ATF Audits reveal 1 in 4 NH Gun Line background checks are wrong - Granite Grok

“ATF Audits reveal 1 in 4 NH Gun Line background checks are wrong

NH House Bill 109 – calling for Universal Background Checks for every purchase of a firearm – will wrongfully deny even more Granite Staters their rights! It is sponsored by NH Democrat Representative Katherine Rogers [yes, the same Democrat Rep who pleaded guilty to assault the day before Christmas 2017].

After Right to Know Requests were filed, the results of two federally conducted audits performed by the FBI’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, revealed that the NH Department of Safety’s “Gun Line” was repeatedly found guilty of:

  1. Misuse of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS); and,
  2. Entering “invalid” records in NICS

Out of a statistical sample – a SAMPLE – of 400 entries into NICS by the NH Gun Line, the ATF audits found that 128 109, a whopping 27.25%, were wrongly entered, and sent to NICS without valid documentation. Bear in mind, the ACCEPTABLE “threshold” of error for one of these audits – called the “Integrity of NICS Index Records Policy” – is 10%.

Editor’s note:The original number of 128 was wrong (blame me!).  It has been corrected to 109.

New Hampshire’s Gun Line errors were nearly 3 times the acceptable 10% “integrity threshold” and the only recourse for persons affected is a lengthy and costly appeal process while the bureaucrats responsible for the error suffer no consequences at all.

As the antigunners like to say: “If only one person’s life is saved”, then how can it be acceptable for even 1 person’s rights to be wrongfully denied?

Would it be acceptable to NH, the feds or anyone else for that matter if 10% of Granite Staters were denied their fundamental right of free speech, much less 27% of them?

The last thing NH needs is to expand this failed program. It is wrong to impose on every Granite Stater wishing to exercise their fundamental right to purchase a firearm, a more than 1 in 4 chance that some unaccountable, unelected bureaucrat may deny a Constitutional right.

Editor’s Note: Susan is also the Legislative Director of the Womens’ Defense League of NH, an organization dedicated to protecting womens’ Rights including the Second Amendment.