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Amazon Abandons Major Expansion – Moving Thousands of Jobs Out of Seattle


As Seattle continues to swirl and gurgle its way down Karl Marx commode, its biggest employer is making a major move.  Amazon, which was planning to occupy a massive new building in the City, adding as many as 5000 more jobs, is moving them out of Seattle.

The e-commerce giant announced that it was abandoning a prominent downtown Seattle office lease that would have provided room for at least 3,500 employees and possibly as many as 5,000.

The 722,000-square feet of space was located in the Rainier Square tower, a massive project that is under construction at Fifth Avenue and Union Street, about 8 blocks from the geodesic domes that comprise part of Amazon’s headquarters’ campus.

The jobs are leaving Sh***y-Seattle for digs across Lake Washington in Bellevue.

“I’m excited to share the news that we’re planning to migrate worldwide operations to Bellevue starting this year,” said Dave Clark, the senior vice president in charge of the team, in an email to his employees Wednesday. “This move gives room to grow while maintaining the campus feel that we’ve come to love around South Lake Union.”

And it’s clearly a business decision. Seattle overtaxes and underperforms. The city is a dump. It’s not safe. Amazon employees are increasingly at risk of robbery, assault, or contracting any number of diseases thought banished from the modern west.

But Will they Learn?

The main campus will continue to operate but for how long?

And how much of this is Amazon’s fault?

Seattle is a liberal city filled with Democrats voting for candidates who support the policies that make their “home” unlivable. It begs the question. When will the Left’s rank-and-file realize that it is their ideology that is patient zero in the fiscal and cultural destruction that follows?

And when if it all will they accept that this is entirely the point?

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