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Why We Left: British M.P. Suggests Putting GPS Devices on Every Knife in England

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A few days Back we shared news from across the “pond.” Stores in Britain were discontinuing sales of kitchen knives. Knife crime, assault, and murder are so prevalent that they don’t want to get swept up as complicit. The problem is so bad that one MP has suggested putting GPS trackers in ever knife in Britain.

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A conservative MP (yes a ‘conservative’ by British standards) thinks they need a national knife database to go with the national gun database.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Mann said: “Every knife sold in the UK should have a gps tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns.

“If you’re carrying it around you had better have a bloody good explanation, obvious exemptions for fishing etc.”

Yes, he was criticized. But is his idea any crazier than the ones that got them to this point?

Police and ministers are attempting to stem the current knife crime “epidemic” following a spate of fatal stabbings.

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a £100 million cash injection for forces to tackle the problem on Wednesday, while Home Secretary Sajid Javid also unveiled plans for new knife crime prevention orders.

These powers could impose curfews or restrictions on social media use on anyone aged 12 or over who police suspect of carrying a blade.

If I could Buy the World A coke and a Knife With GPS

England did what Democrats in the U.S. want to do just sooner. Disarm everyone. But disarming law-abiding citizens for the evil done by criminals doesn’t end the evil. It gives it more targets of opportunity. Room to grow.

(Not so Great) Britain took the guns, so the criminals switched to knives. They’ve got a violent crime epidemic and until the nation either allows private citizens to arm themselves (or gives every one of them an armed officer escort) the problem is not going anywhere but from bad to worse.

Lucky for the Brits the folks who want the knives are as stupid as the ones who took the guns. So keep your eyes open for a sudden rise in club and stick related violence.

Followed by rocks or good old fashioned beatings with fists and feet.

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