When in Doubt, Take ‘Em Out

How do they vote on HB 291

HB 291 establishes a committee to study certain findings and other initiatives regarding end of life care. The bill has passed the NH House by a vote of 214 to 140 in what appears to be another near party line vote. 19 Republicans were excused, 3 were not voting, 136 voted nay, 8 voted yea. 20 Democrats were excused, 2 were not voting, 1 was presiding, 3 voted Nay, 206 Voted Yea.

Republicans voting with the Democrats were: Dennis Fields of Belknap-4, Dan Wolf of Merrimack-5, Dennis Acton of Rockingham-10, Michael Costable Rockingham-3, Dan Davis of Rockingham 16, Betty Gay of Rockingham-8, Charles Melvin of Rockingham-15, and Josh Yokela of Rockingham-33.

What ever happened to all the bipartisanship we hear so much about? There were nearly three times as many Republicans crossing the aisle as Democrats. How does the same legislature which ended the death penalty for cop killers now logically assert that euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are reasonable study topics? The logic escapes me…

About the bill

This Democrat bill calls for a review of the findings of the 2013 commission to study palliative care and associated quality of life. It requires a determination as to whether the commission’s recommendations are being followed. It also requires a determination of whether the recommendations are effective. It also calls for a review of initiatives in other states on palliative care and end-of-life legislation. So, there already has been a study which came to a set of recommendations. The study recommendations appear to have come to no legislative result.

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialized medical and nursing care for people with life-limiting illnesses. There is no treatment of the underlying condition; rather, the focus is on pain management and stress relief in order to improve “quality of life” for the patient and their family. Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending someone else’s life, nominally to relieve pain and suffering. Physician assisted suicide is killing yourself with the aid of a physician.

The Democrat Party wants to study physician-assisted suicide even though the issue has not changed. Republicans have a different approach to the entire question of Life. You see, Republicans love all life, respect individuals and people in general. They, generally speaking, vote their conscience which respects life. As a group they are capable of casting the occasional bipartisan vote. They are for the most part logically consistent. What they are not is the party of death.

Why should you care?

We should not be reevaluating what has been studied recently. In this case the intent of studying the process is to diminish the value of life. Presenting suicide as a solution to end-of-life care is no solution at all. It is manslaughter or perhaps negligent homicide, but not an acceptable solution. Suicide is never the answer. The state of New Hampshire will be sending the wrong message if this bill passes both the House and the Senate.

We lose too many Granite Staters to suicide already. Work is being done to prevent suicide through education in our school systems and communities. Why does it make sense to spend money to encourage some not to commit suicide and spend more money to encourage others to just end it all. The state should not restudy the use of suicide as an alternative to medical care. That work has already been done. Killing someone or promoting suicide, quite simply isn’t care at all. It is killing someone. In what world is that logically consistent with American values?

If we are going to promote suicide or euthanasia; why bother spending money on healthcare for everyone? Think about it. You want government healthcare? The government pays; so the government decides what healthcare you can have. What happens if money gets tight? Wouldn’t the government’s healthcare bill goes way down, if, whenever someone gets sick the government simply has them euthanized. Shazam… we have a cost effective healthcare solution. The only people safe from that will be convicted murderers. Oh the irony of it…