WDLNH 'Hold the Line" Fifth Annual Gun Rally - "the Family" - Granite Grok

WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – “the Family”

WDLNH Hold The Line Gun Rally Family Picture

It has become a tradition – at the end of the gun rallies, first starting with the ones held on 2/23 (shush, the anti-Constitutionalists mostly won’t get the joke) and now under the WDLNH banner), the ending “talk” is all of the participants and attendees assembling on the State House steps for a “family” picture.  This year was no different except that the crowd was the largest I’ve seen since these have been held and if you listen to the “Wrap up” video clip…

Sidenote: all of the video will be put up as short clips; the “Wrap up” segment will be one of the last ones put up during the next few days

…you’ll hear Susan Olsen (the WDLNH Legislative Director and Grokster) exclaim “We’re running out steps!”.

Have a listen and know that many attendees had already left; I guesstimate that the “Family”would have been larger by about 25%:

Oh, never mind – here’s the “Wrap up” clip, the action just before the above took place: