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The New Hampshire GOP Has Hit Rock Bottom.


Hooksett is supposed to be a “Republican Town.” Yet Germano, who at best is a couple of baby-steps away from a full-bore communist, was elected to -of all things- the Budget Committee.

And it’s not like Germano hides his extremism. He embraces it, celebrates it, puts it out there for the world to see.

To begin with, Germano openly embraces socialism:

Of course, that means he supports government-run healthcare:

And is detached from economic reality. For example, under any objective measure the economy under President Trump is the best it has been in a decade, for all income groups and for all racial/ethnic groups. Yet in Germano’s alternate reality:

Indeed, Germano has guzzled so much socialist -or was it communist- Kool-Aid that he actually retweeted the ridiculous canard that the Trump tax reform raised taxes on middle-class and working Americans because tax refunds were smaller than in prior years:

Tax refunds are actually what you overpaid in estimated taxes during the year. The lower refunds reflect changes in withholding made by tax reform that allowed Americans to pay less in estimated taxes during the year.

And, needless to say, like every good communist, Germano wants government to grab our guns:

And if all that is not enough, Germano makes no secret that he is huge fanboy of Omar’s, AOC’s and that extremist wing of the Democrat Party:

How could someone with a social media like Germano’s get elected to anything in a “Republican town”?

The New Hampshire Democrats -to their credit- have built their party from the ground up. Everywhere. Even in “Republican towns”:

I found no account on twitter for the Hooksett GOP. Indeed, I could find nothing for the Hooksett GOP on Facebook, and not even a website.

My prediction. Unless some drastic change occurs, unless the GOP start organizing on the local level to the same degree and with the same intensity the Democrats have, in no more than five years there will no longer be any “Republican towns” in New Hampshire. The political map of New Hampshire will be one big patch of blue.