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The Hypocrisy and Lies of Misogynist and Portsmouth Democrat, David Meuse

Representative David Meuse (Portsmouth – D) is a far left-wing zealot who seems to think very highly of himself.

Meuse wrote an OP-ED for Seacoastonline today that shows just how badly this man reeks of HYPOCRISY.

From the OP-ED:

“For members of the public, testifying for or against any bill is stressful enough. Legislators shouldn’t contribute to their anxiety by wearing pins, scarves, buttons, pearls, or other objects that say “I don’t care what you think. My mind is made up.”

Members of the Legislature have an obligation to do better. This is a good lesson that every member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives can learn from.”

This sounds all well and good right?

THIS is after Meuse chose to denigrate and lie about a New Hampshire woman who testifies before his committee. And yes, he’s talking about ME.

Both he and Debra Altschiller, along with Sherry Frost have made the same claims about my being a ‘bully.’ What they really mean is they don’t like when I call them and other Democrats and organizations out for their disgusting lies and point out their hypocrisy. For the record, I call out anyone for the same reasons regardless of party affiliation, regardless of gender.

If they would stop lying and being hypocrites, I wouldn’t have to say a word to them, ever.

Imagine if one of the Republicans on the committee ever said any of these things about the head of Moms Demand in NH? Democrats would lose their minds.

Meuse thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to denigrate and lie about a woman who helps lead an actual grassroots organization in the state and then has the nerve to talk about legislators ‘behaving better?’ Maybe it’s because the organization is a pro-2nd Amendment and pro-Women’s Rights org?

On top of it, Meuse brings up the Handmaids Tale (one of the worst books I have ever read)??? In MY WORLD, women would never be stripped of their fundamental human right to self-defense and therefore would NEVER become ‘handmaids.’ It is Meuse and HIS PARTY that want to do that to women.

The hypocrisy and lies of Democrats in New Hampshire continue to grow. The incivility of these people gets worse every day.

The fact that Meuse calls for legislators to behave better proves my point about him – HE’S A HYPOCRITE, not to mention, a LIAR and obviously a misogynist.

If you’re going to attack and smear a woman who testifies before your committee Mr. Meuse, make sure you don’t make a complete and utter fool of yourself AND prove her right with your lies and hypocrisy.