The Future of Free Speech is in Jeopardy - Granite Grok

The Future of Free Speech is in Jeopardy

Free Speech Silenced

While the Courts and even the ACLU are still defending free speech, the campus culture is doing everything in its power to create future generations opposed to the practice. Future lawyers, jurists, politicians, even work-a-day schlubs. Beloit College offers our latest proof.

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Angry leftist hooligans opposed to the peaceful exchange of words or ideas that make them uncomfortable shut down a speech at the school. And while it makes no difference who or what, in this case, it was Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater Worldwide. The private military contractor.


Erik can’t possibly have anything useful to share about anything. He might know a recipe for the best Brie and Apple flatbread ever. Or maybe he has a unique insight to share on geopolitics, or marketing, personnel relations, diplomacy, litigation, or world languages. None of that matters. He has been labeled as evil, wrong, or both so Leftist hooligans set about ensuring he could not speak.

“demonstrators “piled chairs onto the stage” and beat on drums to prevent him from delivering his speech, according to GazetteXtra. They also unfurled a banner which read “ERIK PRINCE = WAR CRIMINAL.”

An associate Dean had to cancel the lecture. The school cited safety concerns. And that’s not some nostrum. The College Fix reports that the school issued a statement condemning the antics.

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“As an institution of higher learning, open dialogue on all topics is one of our core principles,” the statement read. “Tonight’s events fell unacceptably short of this core principle, and we condemn the behavior of those who disrupted the event. The college will begin an investigation immediately.” …

Not every college does that so kudos to them, but these students probably didn’t arrive at Beloit with the sort of vinegar needed for such a display. Animus they will take with them into the world.

“…undergrad Rose Johnson said she feels that if a “critical mass” of students show they don’t want somebody to speak on campus, then “they should have a say in whether or not that speaker is welcome in our home.”

“protester, Jason Lansing, said the YAF “likes to use this free speech (defense) and things like that because we have freedom of speech here and we should have that here, but they choose to bring the worst of the worst here.”

Anyone making the case that the first amendment is just a crutch is a threat to the constitution. Period. Even the ACLU agrees with me on that. Speech is a natural right, natural, sacred or otherwise. Without it, we’re done. Which is why identity politics, Inclusive Excellence, and the Diversity Cult are such a danger.

  • To create victims you must first convince them they have been wronged and make it an integral part of who they are.
  • Target the someone(s) or something(s) responsible.
  • Inculcate a desire for retribution or reparation.
  • Advocate for silencing the perpetrators of the injustice.
  • Convince them that only the government has this power.
  • Get them to give the government that power.

As I have pointed out ad nauseum, the Left does not care about women, gays, blacks, Latinos, or children. But if they can divide them and activate them to gain power, they will say and do anything to get there from here.

The modern college campus is its foundry.

If we can’t find, educate, and support a critical mass of people willing to stand up for Free speech, it won’t be welcome anywhere, and liberty will die soon after.