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SeacoastOnline Gives Away the Democrat Lie On Taxes and Education Funding

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Despite a complete disconnect between funding and results, Democrats want more money for New Hampshire schools. Bigger budgets have produced no return on investment. None. But as I’ve noted previously, Democrats don’t care about learning. Public Schools are a vehicle for redistributing wealth to a favored constituency.

Andru Volinsky’s school funding state tour has nothing to do with reading, writing, and arithmetic. And it certainly has nothing to do with tax relief even though that is the foundation of his road show. 

Local property taxes are unfair, claims Volinsky. The answer is a broad-based education tax. A tax on everyone. To pay for the incompetence of school districts whose only accomplishment is spending more to get the same unflattering results.

It is the golden goose of Democrat redistribution.

The entire education funding snake-oil roadshow is a lie.

Once they have the tax and more importantly the bureaucratic infrastructure to collect it, they can redistribute wealth as inefficiently as New York, California, Connecticut or New Jersey. Some of which added a state tax on the promise that it would lower property taxes.

States with massive spending and nothing to show for it but a burning need to raise more taxes to keep the scam afloat.

SeacoastOnline Pulls Back the Curtain

In what can only be labeled as pro-Volinsky state-wide tax propaganda SeacoastOnline ran a story about Volinsky’s mission to change how New Hampshire funds education. The headline they chose?

Volinsky: Take education funding burden off taxpayers

There is no means by which New Hampshire can find more money for education anywhere in the state than through taxation. Volinsky will NEVER be able to take the education funding burden off taxpayers because there is no other way to fund it.

Taxpayers will always shoulder the burden.

If that is true then how can a sleazeball like Andru Volinsky sell his snake-oil?. He has to lie.

If you want to spend more for the same lousy local education (or even a better one) without raising local taxes, you’ll need to pick someone else’s pockets. You need to raise their taxes.

If you let the government do that, they’ll what? Promise that these rising costs in other people’s towns will never hit your wallet? That they won’t tax you to backstop someone else’s more expensive incompetent oversight? Or to fund any other whim of the Liberal mind? Like Medicaid for all? Free College? Guaranteed income for people who do nothing?

That is a short list of things for which Democrats believe you should pay along with the government overhead to run it all.

If you give them a statewide income tax, what odds do you place on them not coming back to that again and again?

It gets worse

Advertised local savings are a lie, or short-lived. As your new tax rises (the one you can’t do much about) your old tax will as well. It has too. The government Democrats think you deserve will pilfer revenue sharing. It will consume every dollar and more. Local taxes will rise to fill the void.

And by then it will be too late.

Taxes will get higher. And education outcomes will not improve because it was never about education. It is about redistributing wealth from taxpayers to favored constituencies. The government, Government schools. Unions, Democrat Campaigns. 

One more point. Nowhere in the Volinsky PR piece did anyone suggest lowering taxes by making education more affordable. No mention of efficiency, waste, excessive overhead, unusually high or unreasonable labor or benefits costs.

Not even once.

And they still want you to believe that they can raise taxes without raising tax burden.