NH House Criminal Justice & Safety Committee – Executive sessions for Red Flag, Firearm Waiting Period, Deadly Force, and other bills

Red Flag Laws - Image Newsmax

Yesterday I attended the set of “Executive Sessions” held by the NH House CJ&SC on the following bills (I have bolded those that I’m branding anti-Second Amendment and anti-Article 2-A as they continue to slice away at basic Constitutional :

  • HB134 – An act reducing the penalty for certain first offense drug possession charges (retained)
  • HB208 – relative to the user of deadly force upon another person (Inexpedient to Legislate, 12-8 [Party line vote])
  • HB394 – relative to crop theft (“19 to Burt”) (Ought To Pass, 18-2)
  • HB514 – imposing a waiting period between the period of between the purchase and delivery of a firearm  (Ought to Pass, 12-8 [Party line vote])
  • HB605 – relative to criminal penalties for possession, transfer, or manufacture of animal fighting paraphernalia with the intent to be present at, aiding in, or contributing to such fighting (Ought to Pass, 13-7)
  • HB687 – relative to extreme protection orders

Important bills but my interest was in the anti-gun bills so those videos will be listed first.  This post has the 5 clips from HB687 – “relative to extreme protection orders”.  This was the most dangerous bill of the lot. Don’t let the number of segments scare you – each one is only about 7 minutes long.  Watch them as you can but watch them to see how bad this bill was and think about the question is “was it just written badly or written badly hoping that no one would “catch” how some of this was worded?”.  Like the part where the Republicans on the Committee bring up that IF someone was subjected to this “Red Flag” law, they effectively lose their Second Amendment Right FOREVER!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: